Prothem ASBL and STEVCO


Prothem ASBL

In 2002 Prothem-Usine pioneered the promotion of tea growing and small holder farmers support through Prothem ASBL, an association of farmers who came together to develop tea nurseries, plant tea for future sale to their own private tea factory. This association still supports the project and the members are also shareholders of Prothem-Usine.


In 2014, Prothem-Usine launched a Mirofinance SOCADE as part of an effort to promote availability of credit for the small holder farmers as well and a medium for direct payment for the Green leaf supplied to the Factory.




  • 1. In 2013 and in order to diversify the income streams for the small holder farmers, Prothem-Usine started to explore the possibility of growing and commercializing the Stevia plant under the name of Stevco, a natural sugar that is currently gaining recognition and market around the world.2. This project was initiated with the support of Kingboon International from China.3. The project has received government approval and is now in  the process of being extended.
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