Prothem-usine s.a. produces high quality black CTC tea. CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl) is a method of treating black tea in which the green leaf is discolored, then passed through cylindrical rollers with toothed blades that crush, tear and curl the tea into small form-shaped pellets equal. These are then taken from the oxidation / fermentation process, followed by drying and sorting in the different shades of CTC tea including broken Pekoe 1 (BP1), Pekoe Fannings 1 (PF1), Pekoe Dust (PD), Dust 1 (D1) and Fannings 1 and 2 which are packaged in standard tea packaging materials. Our team ensures that the highest international quality standards are used in the manufacture of our teas.


BP 1: Broken Pekoe 1

Lighter in body but rich in flavor. Pekoe is a Chinese term that means 'white down', it refers to the character of the tender young tea leaves. Pekoe is a term that is used to grade tea


PF 1: Pekoe Fannings 1

Pekoe Fannings 1 is more balanced in both flavor and pungency. Pungency is the condition of having a strong, sharp smell or taste. Pekoe Fannings 1 is more balanced in both flavor and pungency. This tea grade is popular in Burundi.


PD: Pekoe Dust

Pekoe Dust is rich in pungency and body. It has less taste in flavor and heavy in cup.


D1 : Dust 1

Dust is the smallest grade of the tea varieties from PROTHEM. It is mostly used in tea bags. It is most pungently creaming in cup.

Prothem Tea Processing